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I’m moving…

Yes that’s right, I’m packing up my pixels and moving my blog from WordPress to Blogspot. I didn’t put much research into this last year and WordPress just turned out to be too complicated for my old brain to figure out, and there were some features I found I couldn’t add without “upgrading” to a pro-account with my own host and I’m sure as heck not ready for that. My posts mostly transferred over OK, but I still have a bunch of captions to fix and a few comments are missing, so if anything looks wonky, blame it on the technology, K? Cause it is definitely not the user. Definitely.

Please visit me at http://www.stylefile2.blogspot.com.


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A new look

I’ve finally gotten around to designing and updating my header! No more overly-enlarged, looks awful, doesn’t even have the name of the blog printed on it, place-holder header. I’m really liking the burlap texture and bright yellow color. I’d like to maybe round off the corners of the yellow part and add some pictures underneath. I’m not sure about the green type, but it showed up on that bright yellow, and I’ve never met a green I didn’t like, so…. for now we’re calling it done.

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I’m not sure what the protocol is for a fledgling blog, since I’d guess in most instances not many are around to witness its birth, but I feel I should say something by way of an introductory post. I am a lot of things –eBay seller among them. My initial thought was “hey, I should have a blog to promote my wares!” and while I will likely do some of that (See the Twitter sidebar) it is not what I want to be the main focus here. In the eight or so years I’ve been an online seller it has sort of taken over my life and my space. I love thrift shopping and probably end up keeping as much as I sell. I used to have time to sew and craft. I used to have a clean home which I took the time to decorate seasonally. I used to be able to accessorize an outfit. Somewhere along the line that all took a back seat to eBaying. I’d like to find a balance. I’d like to make time to do the things I enjoy, and I’d like my space back. Enter “The Style File.” I see this as a sort of an eclectic mix of my interests and creative talents. Please check in for fashion, shopping, home décor, restyling, repurposing, crafts, and other elements of style. I never was very good at sticking to one direct path. I hope that my quest for content will motive me and I’ll find my focus again and maybe head off in a new direction.

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